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Hosting South Sudanese Bishops

Following the Lambeth Conference Salisbury Diocese welcomed their link Bishops on Monday 8th August. After lunch and then Evensong in the Cathedral the Bishops joined their host Deaneries. Poole Deanery welcomed six Bishops from South Sudan.

Archbishop Moses Deng Bol of Northern Bahr el Ghazal Province and his wife Elizabeth Ajok Chan, Bishop Joseph Mamer of Wanyjok and his wife Rev. Clarice Achieng Owino, Bishop Peter Jonathan Beria of Wau and his wife Janet, Bishop Peter Garang Akuei of Nyamlel and his wife Roda Ayen Martin Maker​, Bishop Peter Marial Agok of Malek Rip and Bishop Peter Gatbel Kunen Lual of Maiwut.

Bishop Peter Garang Akuei and Roda were guests with Penny and Shaun at the Vicarage.

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