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Resuming Services - 5th July 2020

St George’s will be open for Services from Sunday 5th July However, the Church of England has yet to publish its guidance.

In order to comply with the current guidelines, we cannot accommodate our usual numbers at 10am. So there will be NO 10am Service

Instead there will three short morning services: 8.30am BCP or Order One 9.30am Holy Communion (CW) 11am Holy Communion (Common Worship)

Those of you who have already contacted us to register your attendance will be contacted to choose which service you’d like to attend.

Would the rest of our members please contact the Church Office and register whether or not you will be attending, and to which service.

Given what the country has been through we will be endeavouring to leave a few spaces at each service in the event that a new member of the community should wish to join us.

Sadly there will be no refreshments served, no hymns, no service sheets (all services will be on a screen) and if you need a cushion please bring your own.

For the time being there will be no service on Wednesdays, but the church will be open for prayer 10am-12noon on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

A Note from Penny:

Dear Friends, I’m sure, like me, many of you were overjoyed to hear that from 4th July, worship can take place in our churches. However, as The Bishop of London, Sarah Mullally (Church of England’s Recovery Group) said: “We will not be returning to normality overnight - this is the next step on a journey.”

So our joy is tinged with sadness that many will still be shielding until the end of July and not be able to join us. Compounding our sadness, will be the news that we will NOT be celebrating our 60th Anniversary as planned as we do not want to exclude anyone from celebrations. Bishop Karen, David Callard and Anthony MacRow- Wood have all been contacted and agreed to send a short video or reflection to be shown/read/sent out for the days they would have been joining us. Bishop Karen has also agreed to join us on Mothering Sunday next year instead.

And so the moment will pass, like so many others whose special events have not been as they’d imagined this year, but we will know and give thanks.

Meanwhile, as we will not be able to accommodate our usual numbers for services, if you have not yet registered your intention to come, and to which service, please contact the office now.

And as we move forward let’s celebrate what we can, when we can, and look forward to seeing one another to worship together soon.

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